Art & ink 

I always wondered if rappers run out of lyrics and a painter water from their fountainous muse

Advice has always been the same, an unearthing of truth, a discovery of the preexisting, reforming it and presenting it anew

As a poet, artist or scientist we don’t discover but reflect our novel understanding of the All before us   aloof to our existence …

and I see until the earth grows cold and dark    no sooner will ink and paint


There seems to be a nouveau management style – a bullish approach

Destroying the hard fought scraps of legislation pieced together with the blood, tears and years of lost pay.

Our gaze no longer leaves our own vicinity our group our perspective our pay.

32 staff left my school last year. Natural Wastage.

Refuse considerately ridding themselves it would seem.

A narrative preferable to mismanagement and resignation.

Bullying is everyday

mundane as air in an exhale


They’re all on strike today and the day before that too. The doctors, the teachers, postal workers and the late Southern workers. 

the radio says they’re selfish, caring about them own, devil may care about the repercussions. 

we’re all fractured, aspiring for a togetherness, in spiteful factions. Blind to other’s pleas. 

Croydon doesn’t have any new council houses, but we’ve got a new council building 

and someone built us all a lovely new Box Park. 

26 –  27

My dad said avoid being that guy
the old man in the corner of the club.

The guy nursing cherry wine or a more contemporary courvoisier and coke.  

1Xtra keeps me musically on trend, though I question its taste more daily. 

Future’s drawl’s too dank for my De La ears. 

My playlist,  it’s turned more club classic than new bangers
Brandy, Jahiem and Tribe doing concerts to my demographic. 

Didn’t they used be called SWV, Soul II Soul & Sade?

My classic playlist speckled with now cringey R&B…

… the odd Blink 182 I used to hide in my youth,

It’s overdue teenage angst now aloud. 

It’s not contemporary 

but it has the honest sound of a new old black man.