What’s Different About Today

Nothing, it’s all a social construction. Nilhism comes second. I’m tired, Barnes says I’m fed up, but I’m not. I’m just lonely, lonely with a home. Home is where the criticism is. Through ether and Ash. I escape twice. I say I won’t… when my home is my own… I say… criticsm is infectious. That may be my addiction, I asked my best friend if I was a good bad friend, to improve… Ensuite anxious regret. I’ve justified paranoia. I’m right!

But I degress from the day, today. I find myself on my way. An unconscious decision aroused from a fuck it & go and an arriving tram.


It is.

It just




I don’t know where these Union Jacks  flags came from, 

Their interdispersed patriotism 

Realpolitik from a bungalow very much mundane.

We’ve exercised our partition 

With a pride of divorce 

We know who we are 

Our diversed society resourcing our identity from selective shunning. 
But again soon this pride will fade. 

As will the #PostRefRacism

again we will cool complacent.