Exile Crisis

Held at ransom by the Foxton Cartel,
Local 2 bed mansions – guilded
in wheelie bin refuse, styled beaten brick chic.
Unattainable from the past’s sepia optimism.

la vie indisponible
available part ownership, deposit
a 100% addition to the student deficit.
Discounts free
to those with finances pristine Waitrose white.

25% of your days,
for your net total years.
a scheme helping the capital
grasp at the 1%’s remnance.

To venture with an old friend
Or advance a trembling true love,
Inflate your equity
To bleed for the benevolent extortion.

Your life now only available in part-

Southern Belle

Upon Greenwich hill I stare
through swaying maples,
at grand temples of wealth;
unenvious of their material souls.

I long not for their goods
to adorn my soul,
to collect their fiat wealth,
to amass my self worth.

Instead I search inward,
for an intangible whole,
for completion found
in blissful quiet.

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