Black Ecstasy

His tailored figure draws devotion
by all who see him.

draped en noire,
his life coiffed a delicate duality
black and ecstasy.

He swoons in and out
leaving spaces warm,
wanting of his soon return.
To again seek comfort within his aura.

He radiates
a compassion and cool.
A haven of pink tranquility.
Though he finds solace in its counter.
Night’s blindings strobes¬†passing
night to day.

He yearns for a life true,
unfettered by society’s judgeful leer.

He lives with cached secrets,
hidden under cloaks
of drunken stupor.
Lifted in MDMA,
reaching a joy true,
only in its moment.

His sides adapt
leaving mannerisms a gamble
a face to all situations
-a dutiful upkeep.

Deeply loved by a few,
who see all.
Lesser loved,
by those that see but a side.


What do you feel?

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