Her, Curious

Simmering intensity
troubles her bronze skin.
Her air effervescent,
spitting shocks
of paralysing awkwardness.

Her mannerisms polar,
atop a liberal-traditional swing.
Her harness religion,
restricting exploration,
her morality stifled,
by rules not for her.

Her actions betray her
chastised sexuality.
Her repressions expelled
in acute action and lewd words.

Crude flirtations are shot.
Blunt. Direct. Graphic.
Catching company off-guard;
by such vulgar word play.

With coquettish flutter,
She, an unblinking siren
lures passers
with intense gaze.
Her framed eyes,
imprisoned in tortoiseshell.

Garnished in eldritch patterns
adorned curious with jewelry,
she glitters a sense of disquiet.
A mode unique,
a cut askew from the rest.

Nestled among us,
there an odd egg.
Alerting company to peculiar norms.
Her actions consuming,
and fucking bizarre.


What do you feel?

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