Pussy & Possessions

An alpha of all,
business and body.
My brother inhales the chase.

Complicit in his own addiction;
he pursues an ironic paradox:
The fruits of man
-purse and flesh;
his trinkets owning his future,
-love’s placeholder.

His harem is dispersed within London,
devoid of each other’s knowledge.
Their trust brittle
their love a hollow plastic,

His ostentatious racks
display his loot lifted from city trade.
He’s adorned in wealth’s glitz,
his diamond bezel blinding
eyes wide to capital’s desire.

Breitlings and BMWs, Grey goose and Lobster,
Guinness and curry goat.
Hints… to his Kingston history.

The way of former others
his 3 series too
an ex,  history discarded;
in its place a scarlet Jaguar.
anonymous footprints
-lust’s evidence planted on the window.

It’s morning and hedonism’s hearth
draws cold.
HIs chases over, he’s spent,
sated in relentless pursuit.

Engorged and devout,
still he strives, onward;
the future whispering conquests
he’s yet to behold.


What do you feel?

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