Un Piccolo

The wind whispers away
her arabica secrets.
Within her body my cure, elegant
corseted in bone china.
She holds my personality’s fix,
to vivid life,
removed from days mundane realism.

In her embracing air I’m adrift,
attention swayed
by the hips of passing others,
punctuated by sips
of scolding salvation.

Seated in this petit café I’m not alone,
my company accompanying
me in my caffeine indulgence.
Here we share conversations
of all seen
and all to be.

The sun has now shifted,
removed from its highest glory,
we’re thoroughly steeped in caffeine.
Adept in robusta exchanges,
shooting idioms and interjections,
our attention together -divided;
buoyant in blue mountain bliss.


What do you feel?

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