You Are Not My Friend

Enveloped in cotton I fidget
revolving in my sheets,
stabs of light piercing the venetian blinds.
Bemused by last night’s journey home.

My core nauseous
from spent pleasure
and shame
from the night before.

I was there,
in full force.
Regaling unfamiliar ears
with the same stories.

I don’t care for this shame
that haunts me now,
as I toss and turn
In my alco-sweat dampened sheets.

I care for the life
I lived yesterday
surrounded by all
-partakers and confidents.

Cranial pressure building,
my head pulsates.
My tongue dry
tainted by last night’s social poison.

My mind halts
stewed in inertia.

you are not my friend.


What do you feel?

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