Visionary Love

My soul pours
for Jeni,
and Janelle Monaé.

Their melodic oeuvres
a soothing poetic massage.
Beautiful heroines
birthing love’s shy vision.

They promise love;
my cheeks rose in pregnant hope.
Their faux professions,
echoed in dream’s reverb.

My world unconscious, capitulates.
Their realities supreme;
in lyrical deluge.

My carriage jolts,
snatching me from musical refuge.
My mind groggy,
echoing Pretty Thoughts.

Torn from journey’s reprieve.
Their tangible touch,
I search again for completion.

Bereft of lyrics promise,
Their playlists
lies of love.

Reality now births
vivid colour.
Though sullen, I long
for love lyric’s sombre caress.

So I ponder profiles;
Facebook & Tinder. Silently
swiping away my dreams,
unconscious and real.


What do you feel?

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