Amber Liquor

The sun shifts it’s glow,
it’s shine a moody amber,
casting shadows under the awning.
The air grows cold and clear
while we exclaim novel raison d’êtres,
new perspectives,
planning passionately dreams of a life possible,
our minds filled with ill informed hope.

On the ulterior side of this afternoon
Fluorescent lights illuminate our passage to a new venue.
caffeine’s era has passed
and now we smooth
-renouncing stimulation.
We pour jest and ease
precision lost in each sip.
We engage in seamless transfusions
of love and banter
ascending to states
-suave nonchalant

In our bazaar we’re merchants of cool
our minds covertly altered.
A casual confidence a medallion proudly on display.
The intimacy of  café, an experience passé.
Here, our crowd swells.
Shrieks and shouts fill the set of our exuberant joy;
former betas transformed alpha.

Spilled heureuse soaks the parquet platforms,
as the clock flirts AM;
finesse replaced with joyous stupor.
Emotive actions teeter on taste’s precipice
Its edge blurred by society’s ease.

And this night ends
divorced from its birth;
the eve having crept to a sleepless dawn.
The vendors of cool out-of-stock,
now bumbling fools fumbling a jumbled babble,
their clumsy moves spilled in the night’s shambles.

With society’s poison we rewrite,
we alter and augment.
To be both suave and sharp,
wielding a dual edged personality,
To adapt to each situation.
Cured of all society’s ills
by society’s liquid ease.


What do you feel?

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