It Should All Go Wrong Pt 2

It did all go wrong
its obvious end.

Our chance taken on the brittle words
that brought us together -shattered and disowned.
Leaving us as before…
Bereft of the other.

I retreated from our union,
jabbing thistles in our bond
ringing an alert of a union awry.

It was not to be,
our origins ailleurs to the other.
I centred
-while you whyle on the extremes.

You curious,
distant in my minds rear view,
see my escape from your brash hold,
our passing foretold by eyes more wise.

Apart, I shall never once more say hello to your lips.
– their liquor once a sweet addiction.
Not again fall into you eyes
-they once a luring hazel abyss.
Never embrace your name in my breath.
-saying the four letter words of us.


What do you feel?

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