My eyes finally prized open.
The judgmental clock face
shows me pm, and half a day
unconscious departed.

The morning now purely theoretical,
the sun half way passed,
before I’ve spoken my first word,
or taken my morning coffee

As a newborn, blanketed in last night’s haven
I stroll,
through the social threads
of this already passed morning.

Amongst banter and abuse,
Dwayne, I see your name,
from past college days,
One   of a past life.

Here I see
you’ll be
I’ll never call.
Life Punctuated
a curt 25 year span.

You lay in digital state,
among messages
of simple comfort,
tributes paid in silence precession.

atop my bed, I’m risen
-half lotus
My eyes chase no planes outside,
the drawn curtains a veil.

I recall,

the guilt of my day started late,
the trivial punishments we all impose.
For how can they affect fate?
as I think of you in final repose.

I’ll not waste my days my friend.


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